Year 6 11+ Preparation

2nd October 2020

Our Year 6 students impressed us last week as they took part in a virtual interview practice workshop with Oppidan Education who specialise in mentoring students. Everyone enjoyed the experience, asking pertinent questions during the initial workshop before participating in individual interviews with the mentors. Oppidan provided valuable feedback and have helped the girls to feel more confident about the importance of being themselves as they approach their 11+ interviews.

This is all part of our programme to ensure that pupils are thoroughly prepared for the different 11+ and Common Entrance academic entry assessments for both London day senior schools, boarding schools, single-sex and co-educational. Our ethos of nurturing the individual, their talents and potential ensures that each child is able to be the best version of themselves, to run their own best race and to move on to the senior school which best suits them. Every year we take great pride in our pupils’ outstanding achievements in senior school entrance examinations.