Years 2-5 give a swashbuckling performance

13th May 2022

This week, Years 2-5 gave a swashbuckling performance of Pirates versus Mermaids. The trainee pirates had to pass their “arr” levels before they could become proper pirates but there was a huge problem- they couldn’t swim! The only people who could teach them to swim were the mermaids, but the pirates did not like the mermaids and the mermaids did not like the pirates. However, they found a way to work together, and the pirates graduated from “Me Hearty High School” with Captain Scarypants top of the class. We were very proud of the pirates and mermaids, who all spoke and sang with conviction; the parrot, crocodile and delivery man added greatly to the enjoyment of the show. Well done to all, and particularly to Year 5 pupils for performing the major parts with such assurance.